What if we told you that you can get a glimpse of heaven here on Earth itself? Well, you’ll certainly be very impatient to experience such places up close and personal. Well, this actually is the truth! One of the most beautiful countries of the world India has incredible mountains hovering in its northern side. The mighty Himalayas are like a crown decking the country like a jewel. And around the Himalayas we have a plethora of the most alluring destinations that can charm you round the year. Today, precisely we want to talk about Himachal Pradesh, which has some of the very enticing and heavenly destinations under its wings.

Himachal actually means the land of snow. And when you visit this destination during the winters, you will actually find layers and layers of snow making a perfect backdrop to some jaw-dropping beautiful natural sceneries. But that doesn’t mean summer is any less glorifying. Imagine the first or the last rays of the run in the beautiful palette of red hues illuminating the place like a dream and dancing gleefully between the twigs, branches, and trees. So, aren’t these reasons enough to plan a nice road trip to Himachal Pradesh? Well, if you are convinced then, let’s read more.